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 Children and Women Empowerment 


The Aliguma Foundation is a charitable organization which was set up to help marginalized communities access basic life needs. The organization whose activities are aimed at lifting the standards of living for mothers and children currently operates in the Acholi Quarters the community of mostly refugees from northern Uganda living in Kireka, Banda one of the most remote slums areas in the outskirts of Kampala.



To have a self-sustaining Community as a strong pillow for holistic success that will last for generations.



Our mission is to empower the vulnerable Community especially mothers and children to live better lives through education Sports and self-help programs.



A smile he's a sacred human bath right there are four we should give everyone a reason to smile.



Our ultimate goal is to promote holistic human development with specific emphasis to sports among children to score career goals, and socio-economically Empower their mothers with solid social support to the children.


Our specific objectives include;

  1. To identify and develop career goals through sports.

  2. To enhance education and literacy among children in order to obtain holistic human development.

  3. To provide good housing facilities and safe environment for underprivileged women to adequately raise their children

  4. To create income generating alternatives for mothers to provide cover when tragedies arise.


Sports and Education

Focusing on Sports and education the organization empowers children to develop individual and Collective talents that will unlock previously locked doors citing examples of soccer players like Ochaya who was raised from the same community, the children have wholeheartedly embraced the sports program.


Women Empowerment 

True women empowerment programs we aim to build social support for the children who are still under the care of their mothers knowing that empowering the mothers is one way of sustaining a child's well-being.


Why Acholi Quarters?

Acholi Quarters are mainly for people affected by the adverse effects of war in Northern Uganda. Located in the outskirts of Kampala is an almost-forgotten community. The Acholi Quarters,  like many other slums in Uganda is a community of mostly single mothers.



One of our major income-generating activities of choice is poultry production. We are setting up a poultry farm whose products we shall sell and reinvest in the project, and the remainder will go to other activities. We are looking at poultry because it is one of the easiest yet most profitable community short-term Investments with a high return on investment (ROI)



Like poultry animal husbandry is one of the key income earners in this region. Given the fact that Uganda is an agricultural nation, most of the byproducts are used to boost production of another product; so, animal husbandry ranks high on the agenda of income-generating activities which will enhance our self sustenance.



The Aliguma Foundation depends on the generosity of its donors all year round. The donations come in form of funds, in-kind donations as well as valuable time and skill donations. 

We are grateful to have people that believe in a mission and vision for the people of their choli quarters thank you so much to all donors.

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