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Board Members

Jacob (Jake) Sottak

JACOB 'JAKE' SOTTAK (Executive Board Member)

Jacob Sottak boasts of enviable passion for humanitarian aid and climate justice. (Photo/Courtesy FOAF)

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Florence Mugenyi

FLORENCE MUGENYI (President & CEO) / Founder FOAF)

Florence Mugenyi is the brainchild behind FOAF in the US. (Photo/Courtesy FOAF)

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Solomon S. Byaruhanga

SOLOMON S. BYARUHANGA (Executive Board Member)

Solomon Byaruhanga is an HIV-AIDS global activist. (Photo/FOAF)

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David-Ross Williamson Esq.

DAVID-ROSS WILLIAMSON, ESQ. (Ethics & Integrity Officer and Board Consultant)

Board Consultant: David-Ross Williamson is a former professional athlete and is into sports law. (Photo/FOAF)

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Prof. Karen Jacobsen

KAREN JACOBSEN, Ph.D (Executive Board Member):

Prof. Karen Jacobsen is vastly knowledgeable when it comes to refugees, urban settlement and human security. (Photo/FOAF)

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Morocco Omari

MOROCCO OMARI (Executive Board Member):

Morocco Omari is a big brain in the entertainment industry. (Photo/FOAF)

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Peter Sserwanga


Peter Sserwanga is a trained journalist. (Photo/FOAF)

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