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FOAF (USA) is a tax exempt organization

Friends of The Aliguma Foundation (FOAF) is a U.S. based 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in Boston, Massachusetts. Its purpose and mission is to support the work of The Aliguma Foundation in Uganda and overseas (primarily in the USA). 

The Board of Directors consist of diverse talent, background and professional expertise that equips FOAF with the ability to support the Aliguma foundation from a different geographical setting.

Jacob (Jake) Sottak

JACOB 'JAKE' SOTTAK (Executive Board Member)

Jacob Sottak boasts of enviable passion for humanitarian aid and climate justice. (Photo/Courtesy FOAF)

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Florence Mugenyi

FLORENCE MUGENYI (President & CEO) / Founder FOAF)

Florence Mugenyi is the brainchild behind FOAF in the US. (Photo/Courtesy FOAF)

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Solomon S. Byaruhanga

SOLOMON S. BYARUHANGA (Executive Board Member)

Solomon Byaruhanga is an HIV-AIDS global activist. (Photo/FOAF)

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David-Ross Williamson Esq.

DAVID-ROSS WILLIAMSON, ESQ. (Ethics & Integrity Officer and Board Consultant)

Board Consultant: David-Ross Williamson is a former professional athlete and is into sports law. (Photo/FOAF)

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Prof. Karen Jacobsen

KAREN JACOBSEN, Ph.D (Executive Board Member):

Prof. Karen Jacobsen is vastly knowledgeable when it comes to refugees, urban settlement and human security. (Photo/FOAF)

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Morocco Omari

MOROCCO OMARI (Executive Board Member):

Morocco Omari is a big brain in the entertainment industry. (Photo/FOAF)

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Peter Sserwanga


Peter Sserwanga is a trained journalist. (Photo/FOAF)

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