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$15,000 Land Fundraiser

Dear Partner/Friend/Well Wisher;


We are launching a campaign to raise  funds for the purchase of land for the future Aliguma Empowerment Centre here in Uganda. 

An amount equivalent to $15,000 is yet to be raised to complete the already initiated purchase. We are grateful to many of you for the continued support in whatever form it has come.

At the beginning of this year, The Aliguma Foundation secured six acres of land for the future Aliguma Empowerment Centre. An amount equivalent to $5,000 deposit has already been made.

The COVID-19 situation, and its enormous effect on the socio-economic well-being of individuals everywhere (starvation being the most prominent amongst the population we serve) , has made our longtime consideration of purchasing land for agriculture, more relevant than ever.


We have always believed that we can engage the people we serve in growing agricultural produce as a means of supporting themselves with food for nourishment and for sale on a more sustainable basis.

We also intend to have a recreational center/centre because sports (soccer/football) are a major component of what The Aliguma Foundation is about.

The land will enable us to provide opportunities to mothers of the beneficiary children to apply the acquired knowledge and skills, by engaging in entrepreneurial, money generating activities. Our goal is to create a higher level of individual self-sustenance.
All this will be achieved as we make use of the land we are in the process of purchasing. We do hope to expand after the 'take-off stage' activities are in place.


As per the seller’s requirement, we can only use the land after the entire debt owed is settled. We would, therefore,  like for you to join hands with us to secure this precious land that we otherwise risk losing .


It's our humble request to you, our dear partner/friend and well wisher, that you kindly consider donating any amount, in any currency, towards this cause. Our target is to raise an amount equivalent to USD $15,000. Again, any amount, any currency is welcome. With our efforts joined together we will make this happen. Thank you, in advance, for making this purchase possible.

Thank you so much! Together we don't just take care of today's problems, but we also set the tone for tomorrow's economic sustainability.


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*Mobile Money:

The Aliguma Foundation:

+256 774 235 155


*Bank accounts:

The Aliguma Foundation


Church House,

Kampala, Uganda

Ac#: 1001201174388





+1 857-204-6067


*Checks/ Other Options:

WOPI- Boston:

Please call +1 857-204-6067


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so much!

*Certification/ Incorporation:

The Aliguma Foundation organization is  officially registered non-profit with the Government of Uganda. 

AF Certificate of incorporation
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