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Big Feast As Acholi Quarters Community Celebrate The Aliguma Foundation Day

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Where does one run to when they’re at the lowest of moments in their lives? Also who does one always want to celebrate with achievements and the biggest day of the lifetime? Family is the answer.

Something For Everyone: CEO Ritah Aliguma (C) is happy to share whatever small bit of cake she has left on the plate with the many hands of arguably Uganda and Africa's future leaders.

For Aliguma Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ritah Aliguma, there is no family for her bigger than less-privileged communities across the country. Ranking highest on that list is Acholi Quarters – located in Banda B Zone – Kireka, Kinawataka in Uganda’s capital city Kampala is without doubt Ritah Aliguma’s first family.

Deep inside the ghettos of the slummy areas and densely populated zones, Ritah Aliguma has made herself a name of philanthropic teacher, counsellor, journalist and redeemer of many in life.

Philanthropic ways

The youth either refer to her as 'Aunt Ritah' or 'Boss Lady' whereas the elderly others have baptized her ‘Mummy Ritah’. Aliguma doesn’t pride in being called ‘big names’ but rather in service and she is always quick to water down the several titles attributed to whenever she notices an insistent third party.

As Good As It Gets: CEO Ritah Aliguma (R) is always in the thick of action whenever it comes to making sure the little ones get something to eat on such memorable foundation days.

And as the ‘Boss Lady’ celebrated another anniversary, she didn’t have to think twice to decide where her birthday celebrations would be held on a day – Saturday June 18 - that has over the years been duly named; ‘The Aliguma Foundation Day.’

The Acholi Quarters was a beehive of activity on the day with a cocktail of action and events right from sports events, music and dance, food and cutting and health drives at the improved playground and within the community.

“We started this in 2017 and it is only fitting that we celebrate it here because this is where our story as Aliguma Foundation started,” said CEO Ritah Aliguma.

Make A Circle: After the sensitization and awareness sessions, the Acholi Quarters Playground was the place to be with a series of sports and fun engagement activities.

“Many of our projects have been a success because they are fully supported by the natives of this Banda B Zone. When you have the blessing of the people, it is always easy to execute and deliver. They deserve to celebrate my birthday with me.”

Capacity building

Among the key projects re-ignited on the day was the ‘Ndi Mwana – The Cry of a Girl Child’ campaign that has helped a great deal in the capacity building of the Girl-Child (social inclusion) to not only survive but also thrive even in complex situations of their everyday life.

The CEO’s birthday also doubled as the foundation’s fifth anniversary celebrations and there was no holding back as the community participated in mass sensitization talks, learnt how to make reusable sanitary pads, counselling and guidance sessions, music, dance and drama (MDD), cooking, soccer and athletics competitions with some prizes won by the lucky ones.

At the end of the day, its primary goal of reawakening awareness had been fully achieved. One big free interaction party!

Action Packed: Such was the The Aliguma Foundation Day it had a bit of everything.

To contribute to the Aliguma Foundation’s noble causes and drives, one can donate both in kind and financially by offering school stationery; (books, pens, pencils, paper reams and others) as well as sanitary pads for the Girl-Child. Those willing to participate should contact +256744235155 or +256704540765.

Please partner with us as we continue to CHANGE LIVES THROUGH SPORTS & ENTERPRISE


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