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CEO Ritah Aliguma Picks Fundamental Lessons For Foundation’s Growth From Courtesy Visit To Europe

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

The Aliguma Foundation is currently having four projects taking shape. The Acholi Quarters Playground Upgrade, The Cry of A Girl Child – Ndi Mwana, What A Ball Can Do, The Aliguma Foundation Sports & Empowerment Centre (AFSEC) construction in Masindi are the four primary projects that the foundation’s officials are focusing their energies on.

Souvenir: CEO Ritah Aliguma handing over memorable memento to UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin (R) on her Tour of Europe in May during which she visited several community playgrounds and social amenities.

These works are not entirely efforts of the Foundation as the good deeds of the partners behind the scenes including UEFA, through their Sports, Resilience and Empowerment Programme (SREP), United Nations High Commission For Refugees (UNHCR), Italian Embassy, Standard Chartered Bank of Uganda, Rotary Partnership, Kit Aid United Kingdom (UK) and Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) amongst a handful of other well-wishers have all had a say in the success stories of the Foundation.

And like the old English adage goes; “One Good Turns, Deserves Another”, it was about time to reciprocate the love the partners and sponsors had shown the Foundation that celebrates its fifth anniversary this year.

Joy Untold: CEO Ritah Aliguma (C) had Mr Urs Kluser (L) - the General Secretary, UEFA Foundation For Children and Ms. Carine N'koue - the Project Specialist; Monitoring & Evaluation at UEFA Foundation For Children elated and in laughter stitches after presenting them portraits drawn by an Aliguma Foundation volunteer in Uganda.

Courtesy visits

There was no better candidate to embark on the Tour of Europe and represent than its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ritah Aliguma.

Over the past three months, Ritah Aliguma has earned the mileage visiting several partners both in Uganda and abroad to exchange pleasantries, strengthen the existing bonds, exchange ideas and learn a few lessons to bring back home and help the foundation prosper, too.

“We have to pay back the love through these courtesy visits,” said Ritah Aliguma on her return to Uganda earlier this week.

Work & Play: Aliguma (2nd R) with the UEFA Foundation For Children Team in their office. On the left is Cyril Pellevat, the Head of Administration/Finance at the UEFA Foundation.

“The biggest emphasis was on visiting different sports facilities in Europe to pick a leaf as we look to develop our own sports complex (Aliguma Foundation Sports and Empowerment Centre – AFSEC) in Masindi. It was a fruitful time away as we also got in touch with high caliber personalities from different organisations as well as future prospect partners of the foundation,” disclosed Ritah Aliguma.

The foundation’s CEO was indeed a busy body meeting infrastructure architects, visiting several complexes and community playgrounds that boast of football pitches, basketball courts, netball arenas and swimming pools amongst others in regards to what the foundation is trying to put up in Masindi.

Never Forget Your Story: CEO Ritah Aliguma travelled with a number of items to represent Uganda's culture including the banana fibre balls that are so famous in our communities and remote schools. UEFA has promised to provide 400 balls to the foundation in June.

Strengthening UEFA pact

The landmark visit and tour of Europe was primarily a courtesy visit to UEFA who the foundation hope will find it worthwhile to renew the Sport for Resilience and Empowerment Project (SREP) for another couple of years.

“I noticed that UEFA are impressed with the work we are doing and I believe we have done enough to keep them interested and continue sending us grants to ensure we continue giving an improved livelihood to the less-privileged and disadvantaged ones; male and females,” added the foundation’s founder Ritah Aliguma.

Social Amenities: CEO Ritah Aliguma toured a number of community playgrounds and stadia which the Foundation plans to use as a benchmark for the AFSEC home in Masindi.

Currently the Acholi Quarters Playground, Girl-Child Campaign, What A Ball Can Do and ground breaking ceremony of AFSEC in Masindi are some of the primary projects that have taken off with some nearing completion in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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