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Foundation Facilitates Return Of 65 Pupils, Students To Their Respective Schools

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic robbed the world, and particular Ugandans, two years of their lives.

The lifestyles, careers and daily routines of many a person were disrupted with the endless spells of lockdown and curfew times as people stayed rooted in their homes in a bid to halt the spread of the coronavirus.

Fill My Bag: Area elder Ismail Mukoiko (L), Rugby star Michael Wokorach (2nd L), Aliguma Foundation CEO Ritah Aliguma (2nd R) and Nakawa East Legislator Ronald Nsubuga Balimwezo (R) hand over school utilities to pupils in Acholi Quarters.

And whereas those years will never comeback, there is fresh breath of life in the aftermath of the pandemic as life starts to come back to normalcy.

At the Aliguma Foundation, it was an emotional moment as the foundation got the education careers of 70 of their own less-advantaged children, including eight new students, back on the formal trail by facilitating their return to school in March 2022.

Countrywide allocation

The breakdown; 43 girls & 27 boys has 45 pupils in primary school, 15 in secondary school and 10 in tertiary institutions and hail from the communities of Masindi District, Bulenga-Kikaaya, Acholi Quarters Zone, Kireka-Banda Zone and Lukwanga Parish in Wakiso District.

“We are happy that we have been able to resume this activity after two years of the global pandemic,” said Ivan Tugume, the Logistics Manager of Aliguma Foundation.

Sharing The Little: The foundation has ensured that the pupils, students and those in tertiary institutions effectively share the little that is solicited.

“We cannot thank our partners, the schools, enough. Together we have made sure the school-goers resume their school curriculums when they’re happy. We have catered for all their basic needs and they all looked happy as they donned their school uniforms again.”

All the pupils and students received sanitary pads, school requirements including pens, mathematical sets rulers, books, backpacks, uniform and brooms as well as knickers and farm tools like pangas, slashers and axes.

‘Fill Our Bags’ project

“We initiated a ‘Fill Our Bags’ project and got individuals as well as our funders and partner schools to chip and the response has been good,” added Tugume.

The partner schools include Buganda Royal Institute, Mengo (tertiary), Pastor Moses Kalanzi’s Pearl of Africa SS in Mpigi, Pastor Anne & Jimmy Mugisha’s Good Shepherd Primary School (Mpigi), Pastor Maggie Kalanzi’s Abato Primary School (Mpigi), Mr Joseph Sserwada’s Buwama Christian Primary School, Kinuuma Primary School of Masindi, Elgon Primary School in Kireka and St Matia Mulumba Catholic Primary School in Kinawataka.

Priceless Smiles: Teachers and students show their joy after receiving school items and sanitary pads.

“This is one of measures to keep the young ones from trouble,” disclosed the foundation’s CEO Ritah Aliguma.

Vices checked

“Staying school will keep them away from crime and other evils like early pregnancies and forced marriages. It will help them also grow into responsible future mothers of the nation. Them staying in school will also help us promote further our ‘Ndi Mwana – The Cry Of A Girl Child’ campaign.”

Reunion: Students of Pearl of Africa Secondary School, Mpigi are happy to be back at the institution to learn and grow into responsible citizens of Uganda.

The UNCHR, UEFA Foundation For Children through its Sports for Resilience and Empowerment Project (SREP), Mrs. Dorothy Ssebaka’s Women of Purpose International (WOPI) as well as celebrated Ugandan athletes Michael Wokorach and Peace Proscovia have punched their weight in this campaign of ensuring the children return to school.


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