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Foundation Pledge To Make Greater Impact With Latest UNCHR Assorted Dispatches

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), the UN Agency in ensuring displaced peoples are well-settled and enjoying better livelihoods have once again made dispatches to Aliguma Foundation to ensure the latter continues to positively impact the lives of slum dwellers and disadvantaged ones.

Once A Giver: Joel Boutroue (L), the UNHCR Representative in Uganda, has always found it fitting to give the foundation equipment, clothes, balls and health kits because they're certain they will trickle down to the less-privileged people across the country.

There were smiles all across aboard as the Aliguma Foundation officials received the cleared dispatches and there will be even more emotional ones when the less-privileged people get to receive the goodies.

Fighting diseases & stigma

In collaboration with multinational clothing company H&M, UNHCR have donated 3,000 of hand sanitizers which quickly reduce the number of microbes - since it’s a known fact that Covid-19 still lives with us.

UNHCR have tasked the foundation to enforce personal hygiene in the vulnerable communities and also offers sets of second-hand clothes from designer companies like Zara, M&S and St. Michael among others.

“We are immensely proud to partner with UNHCR to address the needs of vulnerable and displaced communities. I am very pleased with what we have accomplished thus far and that we are able to improve livelihoods amongst our people in Acholi Quarters, Kinuuma Village – Masindi District and other communities by donating these garments. A big thank you to UNHCR Uganda,” said the foundation’s CEO Ritah Aliguma.

Self-help tools

Amongst other things received from UNHCR were the earlier promised 20 axes, 10 wheelbarrows, 20 spades, 20 saws, 20 slashers, 10 metallic buckets, two big nylon ropes, two sisal ropes for farming purposes as well as 1,000 knickers and 4,000 packets of sanitary pads.

Priceless Smiles: CEO Ritah Aliguma (L) flanked by Aliguma Foundation's Administrator Joan Acengo show off some of the designer clothes and sanitizers received from UNHCR.

Aliguma Foundation officials; Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ritah Aliguma and Operations, Logistics Manager Ivan Tugume and Administrator Joan Acengo received the equipment and health kits from UNHCR at the UN Agency’s warehouse office in Kampala located at Stretcher Ntinda in Nakawa Division.

“We are grateful,” said CEO Ritah Aliguma while paying special tribute to Joel Boutroue, the UNHCR Representative in Uganda, who has hardly turned down any request from Aliguma Foundation since his arrival in the Pearl of Africa in 2018.

The tools of work will be used by the casual labourers that are working to maintain the Acholi Quarters playground and those at the AFSEC (Aliguma Foundation Sports and Empowerment Centre) in Masindi.

Help for more numbers

“For the health kits, we will continue to distribute them to the schools and the vulnerable communities we have worked with before as we identify a couple of others that will duly benefit from our partners' kind gestures,” chipped in Tugume.

Tools Of Work: Aliguma Foundation CEO Ritah Aliguma poses for the cameras during a stock-taking exercise at the foundation's stores in Kamwokya - Kampala City.

The Aliguma Foundation will make some of the tools available to the enterprise women who do stone-quarrying works to help them improve their livelihoods further which will result in maintenance of general hygiene in their respective communities.

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Safety First: Williams Hand Sanitizer Gels were some of the packages UNHCR offered to the Aliguma Foundation to help communities stay healthy and avert the Covid-19 pandemic.

Please partner with us as we continue to CHANGE LIVES THROUGH SPORTS & ENTERPRISE


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