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Media Report For Sixth Annual Slums Soccer Tournament, Banda B Zone - February 2022

The curtains were drawn on the sixth edition of the Annual Slums Soccer Tournament on January 15th, 2022 at the refurbished Acholi Quarters Playground.

Coveted Event: The biggest sporting activity on Aliguma Foundation's calendar thus far.

The tournament, played in the midst of the never-relenting Covid-19 pandemic, was a celebration of the ‘Ndi Mwana – The Cry of A Girl Child’ campaign – one of the many Aliguma Foundation’s projects - that was launched on May 29th 2021 and has successfully run for 10 months now.

A total of 46 teams; six Women, 14 U-16 Boys and 26 Men’s outfits took part in the fast-rising tournament and a plethora of goals were scored throughout the 45 days of action.

Very many highs

The final day produced 16 goals – seven of them as post-match penalties in the curtain raiser played between Acholi Quarters Leaders and Ababedde alias Big Boys.

Primary Partners: UEFA Foundation have continuosly supported the foundation's activities.

The prizes were something the slums have never witnessed. But more so, the goals were a beauty to watch and are worth a second glance. We cannot thank all our partners; UEFA Foundation For Children, United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), Standard Chartered Bank and all other well-wishers for their continued support to our noble causes.

Victors Gong: Tiger FC received the overall men's crown for the second successive year from Emilie Boutroue - daughter of UNHCR Representative Joel Boutroue in support of the foundation's Ndi Mwana - 'The Cry of A Girl Child' campaign.

The build-up to the tournament’s final was well-covered by the foundation’s own website and in the national media gazettes, television stations, radio stations and online websites/links.

The selected links;

On the final day of the tournament, Tiger FC beat Naguru’s Kawenja FC 2-0 in the main men’s final to scoop the sixth edition.

First half goals from Sam Mugyenyi and Sadat Anaku ensured the Acholi Quarters side successfully defended their title, to grab a second consecutive championship win in the annual tournament.

More Than Pride: Aside the glittering trophies, the winners on the day took home a galaxy of prizes including a set of new jerseys, medals, goats, a bull and cash prizes, too.

Have a look at the detailed final day results and how the foundation’s website and media outlets across the nation covered the highly-attended climax of our beautiful tournament;


Tiger FC 2-0 Kawenja

Final – Women

Acholi Quarters I 3-0 Women of Purpose

Final – U-16 Boys

Women of Purpose Boys 2-0 Tiger Junior FC

Curtain Raiser

AQ Leaders 1-1 Ababedde (Big Boys)

AQ Leaders won 5-2 on post-match penalties

The official Aliguma Foundation website links;

The other selected links;

The local media, including the leading daily newspapers and sports websites, who have

been priceless partners for the foundation since its inception also rendered their unwavering support to the cause with a handful of articles.

Alluring Coverage: The media turned up in droves throughout and as usual made headlines.


Several national televisions including NTV, NBS, Baba TV and Channel 44, to mention but a few, gave prominence to the Slums Soccer Tournament that last 45 days.



Kitaka Channel:

Ambassador: Celebrated female sports journalist Grace Mbabazi is one of the foundation's ambassadors for the 'Ndi-Mwana - The Cry of a Girl Child' campaign.

For more information please contact us at;


P.O. Box 26249, Kampala – UGANDA

Cell: +256 774 235 155/+256 782 507 606

Twitter: @AligumaFound

Facebook: Aliguma Foundation

Instagram: aliguma_found

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