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Ndi Mwana Project Spreads Like A Wildfire

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

One of the signature projects of the Aliguma Foundation post this coronavirus pandemic reign has without doubt been the ‘Ndi Mwana’ – The Cry Of A Girl Child campaign.

Major Cause: Aliguma Foundation Founder Ritah Aliguma (L) has played a key role in ensuring the 140 boxes (R) are shared by communities far and wide across Uganda.

From its humble beginnings in Acholi Quarters and the surrounding areas of Kireka-Banda Zone, Nakawa Division in Kampala District on May 29th, 2021 to the village of Kinuma, Bigando Parish in Masindi in mid-August, the project has continued to receive support from several individuals, well-wishers and partners of the Aliguma Foundation.

More & merrier

With an initial aim of reaching at least ONE MILLION girls and mothers in the first year of the project’s inception, the Aliguma Foundation has spread its wings to a wider catchment area thanks to positive response from the UEFA Foundation for Children, Italian Embassy and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the UN agency mandated to aid and protect refugees.

Sharing Is Caring: A community elder imparts knowledge about the use of sanitary pads in Mukono.

With the help of the foundation’s regular contact with several youth leaders and previous works of bringing several communities together through the Slum Soccer tournaments, the foundation reached out to no less than 10 less-privileged communities in Uganda after receiving 140 boxes of sanitary pads.

“Our mission on menstrual hygiene is very much alive thanks to our partners who heeded the call to support us by buying pads,” said Aliguma Foundation’s founder Ritah Aliguma.

New catchment areas

“After the successful campaign launches in Acholi Quarters and Masindi, we were eager to extend and show other forcibly displaced people that we can work with them through the provision of basic health needs.”

The foundation’s latest gesture saw community leaders from Naguru, Kasokokoso, Kiganda, Nakawa, Banda, Kisenyi, Soroti, Mukono Bussi Island, Acholi Quarters and Masindi receive and distribute pads to no less than 8,000 girls and women.

“The aim is not just to give. We also want to teach them better Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) habits including how to make reusable pads for sustainability,” disclosed Aliguma.

Empowered Gender. The young girls, youth and women of Kiganda have been some of the beneficiaries of the recent Ndi Mwana - The Cry Of A Girl Child campaign works by Aliguma Foundation.

She added; “The ‘Girl-Child’ remains very vulnerable because of the constant abuse levied onto the young ones by not only the male species but also their parents and relatives, who force them into early marriages in search of quick bride price.”

Call of support

As the foundation, we cannot thank enough all those that have aided our plea to donate Sanitary Pads and we continue to BEG for more support. A pack of pads costs between UGX2,500-3,500 (less than a dollar) in Uganda and our target is to reach to at-least ONE MILLION Girls by the end of 2022. We have so far reached out to only 10,500 girls. We also kindly ask for volunteers to join our campaign and help teach girls and women how to make reusable sanitary pads.

Health Matters: The women of Kinuma Village in Masindi were the second beneficiaries of the project in August when the foundation broke new ground in the Bigando Parish area.

To support this initiative, please contact us on either or

Or donate through our donate button on website or mobile on +256774235155 /+256704235155

Please partner with us as we continue to CHANGE LIVES THROUGH SPORTS & ENTERPRISE


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