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Ndi Mwana – The Cry Of A Girl Child Campaign Continues in Masindi

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

After the successful launch of the ‘Ndi Mwana – The Cry of A Girl Child’ campaign in Acholi Quarters and the surrounding areas of Kireka-Banda Zone, Nakawa Division on May 29th 2021, The Aliguma Foundation (AF) has been and continues to get massive support from its partners, well-wishers and friends across the globe.

Noble Cause: Aliguma Foundation Ritah Aliguma (C) is joined by the women and youth mobilisers in Kinuma Village, Masindi District to receive home kits and cut cake.

And when the AF’s elite volunteers went hunting for a place they will call home for eternity down in South Western Uganda – Masindi District, the plight of the natives and girl child was ever so evident for all to see that people living 210 kilometers away from the Ugandan capital of Kampala equally need the helping hand of charitable organisations like the Aliguma Foundation.

Stories of despair

Godfrey Isingoma, the area chairman of Kinuma Village in Bigando Parish, Miirya Sub County, Masindi District, which is set to be the home of The Aliguma Sports & Empowerment Centre, retold stories of how more than 96 per cent of the people in his area and district at large couldn’t afford sanitary pads.

“These people still use rags or tear ‘obuwero’ (small pieces of cloth) from their Old Gomesi (Ugandan traditional wear for ladies also called Busuuti) and worn-out clothes to do that necessary evil,” Isingoma spoke in a no-holds barred tone.

The women, who turned up in droves alongside their daughters, took turns to speak about their undesirable day-to-day experiences that have made them and the girl-child feel the inferior sex specie.

“During that moment, we opt to stay home to avoid embarrassment,” said Kinuma Village’s women mobiliser Irene Mbabazi, who is commonly referred to as Mama Sarah.

Safety First: The women and youthful girls of Miirya Sub-county show off their newest acquisitions - Sanitary Pads. AF has vowed to teach the women how to make reusable pads.

“Our girls even fail to go to school to attend class because they lack sanitary pads. It is absurd, it’s a reality and it happens every day.”

Glimmer of hope

Ritah Aliguma, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Aliguma Foundation, was visibly touched and spoke with a heavy heart.

“As the Aliguma Foundation, we are new in your area and our pledge is to ensure that we work with you to improve the livelihoods of everyone,” the foundation’s patron told the over 300 women and 100 youthful girls in attendance at the site of the foundation’s home soon after the ground breaking ceremony.

Changing Lives: CEO Ritah Aliguma participates in the measuring and distribution of sugar and other home basic needs that were given to over 300 women, 100 young girls and 50 men of the area.

“For starters, we are going to get a technical person to teach you how to make reusable sanitary pads and ensure that you mothers become teachers of a whole generation to come. The girl child must be empowered to stave off any inferiority remarks and any kind of abuse that comes with it.”

Like in Kampala, the ‘Girl-Child’ has also been abused in the villages with many of them falling victim pre-marital sex and to parents who force them into early marriages so that they can make a quick kill through bride price.

Such acts have left them vulnerable. But it wasn’t all talk from Aliguma Foundation’s CEO as she handed over basic home needs and at least two packs of Sanitary Pads to every female with the remaining packs handed over to the village elders; chairman Godfrey Isingoma and vice chairman Silver Isingoma.

Community Goals: The Aliguma Foundation volunteers pose for a photo with the elders of Kinuma Village soon after a sensitization session.

Call of support

As the foundation, we cannot thank enough all those that have aided our plea to donate Sanitary Pads and we continue to BEG for more support. A pack of pads costs between UGX2,500-3,500 (less than a US Dollar) in Uganda and our target is to reach to at-least ONE MILLION Girls.

We have so far reached out to only 2,500 girls. We also kindly ask for volunteers to join our campaign and help teach these women in Masindi how to make reusable sanitary pads.

To support this initiative, please contact us on either or or donate through our donate button on website or mobile on +256774235155 /+256704235155

All Ears: A section of the women from Bigando Parish pay close attention to the day's proceedings.

Please partner with us as we continue to CHANGE LIVES THROUGH SPORTS & ENTERPRISE!


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