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The Aliguma Foundation donates iron sheets to New Hope Primary School, members pay courtesy visit to Sports & Empowerment center

The Aliguma Foundation continues with the prime objective of empowering children and women in Uganda's slum communities through sports and self-sustaining enterprizes.

The latest development from the foundation has been the generous donation of irons sheets to New Hope primary school in Masindi district.

CEO Ritah Aliguma was joined by the rest of the members as the iron sheets were officially handed over to the school management.

"The Aliguma Foundation is passionate about education and this is one way we can pay back generously to contribute to a conducive study environment and we promote an elite community" Aliguma reveals.

Thereafter, there was a courtesy visit to the upcoming Aliguma Sports and Empowerment Center in Masindi to check on the project status.

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