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UEFA Foundation Offer Aliguma Foundation Second Bite At Cherry

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Many dreams die before coming to fruition.

For the Aliguma Foundation, hope springs eternal that many of those pioneer and primary objectives set out in 2017 as the charity organization came into existence have a possible chance to be lived in eternity.

Behind The Scenes: The UEFA Foundation For Children's officials alongside UEFA president Aleksander Čeferin (seated centre) after the meeting that made the big call last week. (Photo Courtesy/UEFA Media)

In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic with the Foundation continuing to push the walls of attrition built by the many corporate bodies and different child-support and vulnerable-aid groups, something of marginal proportions has given way.

Renewed support

Following the first dispatch whose grant expired at the dearth of the coronavirus era, UEFA Foundation For Children listed Uganda’s Aliguma Foundation as part of the 65 humanitarian projects around the world that will benefit from an annual grant of more than €4.9m (an estimated UGX19.1 BILLION).

In addition to 30 different European projects and special funding for the Ukraine response, the Aliguma Foundation is part of the 12 Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) selected for the 2022 call alongside another 12 in Asia, seven in Central and South America, and two in Oceania.

Tireless Body: Aliguma Foundation CEO Ritah Aliguma speaking at the 84th AIPS Congress in Rome early last month. She has been lobbying and soliciting for help since the Covid-19 pandemic relented. (Photo Carlo Pozzoni/AIPS Media)

UEFA Foundation will also continue to partner with Lay's on the building of new pitches for children in particularly deprived locations.

"We often say how powerful the impact of football on our lives is, but the work of our Foundation for Children illustrates that in the best possible way,” said UEFA president Aleksander Čeferin, who chaired the board’s meeting on November 9, whilst announcing the massive news that will impact millions of children and underprivileged communities across the globe.

Magic Of Football: UEFA Foundation For Children's sole aim is to see a greater number of children enjoying the game while also offering them hope for a better tomorrow. (Photo George Katongole/Daily Monitor)

"Together with our partners, we are proud to announce that next year we will deliver 65 projects, which should enable a greater number of children across the globe to enjoy the magic of football while also offering them hope for a better tomorrow.”

Foundation volunteers elated

For the Aliguma Foundation, the news is yet to sink in properly. The weekend and earlier part of this week has had most of the foundation’s volunteers speechless after what many referred to as ‘a reward of transparency, visible life-changing projects and God’s divine intervention’.

Budding Centre: Ground was broken for the AFSEC in August 2021 in Masindi and a road sign-post erected early this year in Kinuma Village - Brigand Parish to mark the future home of the foundation. (Photo/AF Media)

“When the news spread like a wildfire on the UEFA Foundation social media pages, I thought at first that it was a mistake because it was late in the night. Then when I checked again I told myself relax, this is an old post. A colleague’s insistence and an email we received much later got all of us out of delirium and into a frenzy,” said Aliguma Foundation’s Planning & Publicity Manager Innocent Ndawula.

Ritah Aliguma, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Aliguma Foundation, was overpowered by emotions on receiving the news.

Futuristic View: Alongside continuing to grow the signature project of Slums Soccer and empowering the younger ones through the Girl Child campaign, getting the AFSEC up and running ranks high on the Aliguma Foundation's priority list. (Graphic/AF Media)

“We a young, self-driven and passionate NGO. I believe because of our great work ethic, follow through, transparency and teamwork exhibited in delivering and pulling off projects, it was an easier decision for UEFA Foundation For Children to give us a second grant,” said Ritah, also the foundation’s founder.

For the charitable organization’s Operations and Logistics Manager Ivan Tugume, the foundation is destined for greatness and poised to make a greater impact in the livelihoods of the children directly and indirectly attached to its projects.

“UEFA Foundation For Children have proved that the first grant given to us was put to good use. That was money well spent. Now we will look to do more and make some headway into the other projects that had been momentarily stopped,” said Tugume.

Ranking high on the list of projects that will get priority from the second dispatch include but are not limited to the development of the Aliguma Foundation Sports & Empowerment Centre (AFSEC) in Masindi District - Western Uganda, Slums Soccer in Acholi Quarters and the much-adhered-to ‘Ndi Mwana - Girl Child Campaign’ across the Pearl of Africa.


1. Exodos Ljubljana - Burkina Faso

2. Play for Change - Democratic Republic of the Congo

3. Terre des hommes - Egypt

4. Busajo Onlus - Ethiopia

5. Association Kenskoazell Afrika - Ivory Coast

6. Water4Wildlife Maasai Mara Foundation - Kenya

7. Libre Vue - Mali

8. Altus Sport - South Africa

9. Karibu Tanzania Organization - Tanzania

10. CIELO - Togo

11. International Organization for Migration - Tunisia

12. Aliguma Foundation - Uganda


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